Friday, May 3, 2013

Captive Meeting In San Bernardino

This past Tuesday there was a meeting with VP's at FedEx Freight in SBO with only 15 employees who were  to attend. These 15 employees where coached on what questioned to ask, do you believe this crap!?
Everything was fine and dandy until the questions where brought up. Then everything went south. 

What corporate obviously doesn't understand is they are so out of touch with its employees in SBO and all of the West Coast, that their bullshit charade doesn't work here in the WEST!

Stand Up and Be Counted FedEx Freight Employees!


irudedog said...

follow comments on Brown Cafe at

Anonymous said...

Anybody getting hit up for JOM thing. If sales reps can't sale our services,then how the hell am I supposed to.

Cosme1 said...

I use to get more than JOM, when they gave me enough time w/customer. Now I practically ignore customer so I can hurry back!

Anonymous said...

the west coast will be the one to GO UNION! we will show that the west ocast rules! we need to be brave and go union! its for our own good!

i want a contract , i dont know about u.

don't believe the crap those red lollipops tell us!

Anonymous said...

That was the case in our terminal. they had to send a worker to a big corporate meeting to represent our terminal and talk about our issues. the person they sent was a new driver, who hardly knew english.

this is bull crap! if they would have send someone like me, i would have told the truth that our terminal is full of crap! racist and idiot supervisors harassing us all the time!

Dock supervisors pushing us more and more! harassing us with less hours if we don't get production (6.1 Bills per man hour)

dispatch rushing us road drivers to get out on time, when we only have 20 min to do pre-trip, a hook and get paper work.

P/D supervisors harassing us and making us go past our limit. not caring about our safety.

brothers and sisters its so simple..
>>WE NEED A UNION!!!!!!!

this is what the SLG terminal looks like, i bet yours does too as well.

and if you are reading this
MR Redshirt.........f*** y**!

attn---slg driver

Turk_187 said...

During a recent pre-shift, the manager said, "It is the JOB of the driver to ask for JOM's at every stop".

I'm looking over the handbook and can't find that in here at all. Little help here?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Worked at Viking when we were bought out by FedEx. Saw the writing on the wall quit went to reddaway .
I've been working under a contract for about 5 or 6 years now and it is great. We've had guys the were hassled by our tm what the difference is we have protection. Get in a crash if its not your fault guess what you have protection. I look at the Union as my representative to deal with an unreasonable company. Just my 2 cents have a good day