Wednesday, April 29, 2015

uld do anything for you except to lie and deceive you into voting no.The company will do all of that lol if you vote no. Vote yes and the union does have your back and will challenge what ever is thrown your way. One thing is true that they are saying "that they are going for the proverbial jugular vein". Think of the power in that quote , strong words which only tells you they will do and say what ever it takes to get that no vote. So they keep pushing a lie about signatures on a petition which they say are secret. Well they are not a secret the company will no where you stand and have a barometer on how weak or strong they are. But better yet will know who you are. I say everyone go ahead and sign it that will really screw them up. The vote will go ahead on may 8th no matter but what is guaranteed is that is a secret vote that no one will know but you.There will be harsher and stronger lies coming out of them as we get closer to the vote .Stay strong for you and your family and do your homework. VOTE YES.

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