Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chicago, can you tell us how much the raise in October will be??

Chicago, can you tell us how much the raise in October will be?? Can you tell us how much we will be paying for health insurance next January?? Can you tell us if FedEx plans on giving us a real pension?? Can you tell us if FedEx is going to change their policies to better FedEx again and not us?? Can you tell us if the score card or any other point system will be put in place or reinstated??
Of course you can't tell us what the future holds for us. But if you ask any UPS driver what their raises will be, what their healthcare will cost will be or what the UPS policies are, he or she can tell you. Why?? Because UPS drivers have a union contract.
Year after year we never know what FedEx has in store for us. UPS drivers have a say in their careers. They get to vote on their jobs compensation and know what they will get 2, 3, 5 years down the road because its in their contract.
These drivers go home after a hard day's work and get a good night sleep because they don't have to worry about UPS changing policies or whether they are getting a raise or not. They know how much money they are going to make and can buy that new car, house or know they will have the money to put their child through college. And with their union comes "Rights" and "Job Security". They know they have a secure job with a career guarantee.
Chicago, here is your chance to put an end to the FedEx guessing games and get a piece of mind.
Vote "YES" for you and your families and a good solid future.
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Anonymous said...

It really is a great privilege to have a say in our company and be part of it.
37 year teamster

Anonymous said...

United we Bargain
Divided we Beg
Good luck Chicago