Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A lot of people say that they don't need anyone talking for them. Truth of the matter is that's exactly how big corporations want you to think.
When Corporate makes changes no one driver here can negotiate their own work conditions or effect change. United we get a say in these things, your voice matters.
So don't you think it's time to have a say here? Don't you want a say in your career? Signing on at FedEx now is just a job, standing up for your future and have your voice heard will make this a career. Lets have some input in our working life's that will change our workplace and better your future.
VOTE YES!!!!!! Become a "Just Cause worker. End your "at will" status the second the count is a majority of YES'S for unity and representation.
You can do it CGT!!!!!!!! Vote YES
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