Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conquer and Divide

Today we had meetings announcing the new pay for line hauls drop and picks. Drivers will be paid .5 of hourly rate to drop and spot their set. 1hr pay for drop spot and re hook a set . And .25 of hourly rate for swap out.

 And what about P&D ? While this announcement was being made 10 drivers were at home with no work. P&D drivers who drive close to the service center are not getting 8 hours!

Don't get me wrong line drivers take what FedEx is offering, which is hush money for you to vote No for union representation. But at Natures Best, who have a CBA, they get $25 each time they drop and hook! That's $50 on a swap run plus miles and delays.

A contract is all we want. A seat at the table. Vote Yes Chicago!

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