Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In Response

The FedEx Freight SPIN on what happened in Gardena is coming to service center near you. Yesterday a 2 page letter was seen at our Houston svc spinning the company’s misinformation.

The following is the response from a Fox 11 news article in Los Angeles,


"FedEx Freight is exploring its options and will take appropriate legal action in response to this coercive and potentially illegal activity. We are working diligently to minimize any disruption to our customers and will continue to provide the high level of service they have come to expect from FedEx Freight.

Only a small handful of our employees in Gardena are involved, and most of the protesters are outsiders with their own agenda. These outsiders have resorted to intimidating and coercive conduct against FedEx Freight employees attempting to exercise their legal right to attend work and to decide for themselves whether they wish to be represented by a union‎."

The so called illegal activity that FedEx is saying is not true. At the beginning of the work stoppage, management were handed a petition sanctioned by the NRLB. Making this a legal 24 hour activity.

The small hand of employees, were over 80.

The supporters were Teamsters members, organizers and dock workers who, after management closed the Gardena terminal, went outside, picked up signs and walked side by side with the drivers.

All employees were back to work the following day.

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