Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Teamsters Gardena California Fed-Ex Strike Inspires Hundreds To Join Organizing Effort - 11/11/15

By Doug Cunningham

Eighty-five Fed-Ex drivers in Gardena California carried out a one day unfair labor practices strike as efforts to organize at Fed-Ex accelerate. They were supported on the picket lines by three hundred Teamsters from Joint Council 42. Council 42 teamsters organizer Randy Korgan says the attempted union busting that sparked this strike is happening at other Fed-Ex locations. KOrgan says the Teamsters are in for the long haul in the Fed-Ex organizing effort and strikes like the one in Gardena will inspire other Fed-Ex workers to join the union effort. [Randy Korgan]: “Just from this action hundreds of employees from all over the country have reached out in various ways asking what can they do to join in. How can they support the effort here as well as them starting to engage in discussions that maybe they do something like this on a larger scale.”

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