Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Attention Greg Faith Of FedEx Freight Svc Ctr Whittier ...

UPS NEGOTIATIONS UPDATEA Winning Contract for UPS TeamstersA flier for local unions that outlines the major gains and a vote reminder is available for download.

Greg, before you give a anti-union meeting at Whittier for your drivers, that UPS would not get a contract, get your facts straight. Not only did UPS Freight get there first Union contract ever, 107 Yes - 1 No.
The UPS Teamsters have a new Winning Contract that the members will be voting on soon!
Maybe you should stop listening to the Union busters and educate yourself.


Read Contract Highlights:


Anonymous said...

I would like to say to Greg, we are now interconnected in the World Wide Web now, beware of whom any management speaks too in any of the FedEx facilities, we are not Estes frt, and we are sophisticated in technologies.
As members of the future Teamsters committee we have connected across the country from west to east, now that the Mother Company has join us we are now more powerful in education and teaching others, so bring in the union busters.
Corporate and human resource and the union consultants use this website call union facts, which is fabricated by high paid lawyers or union consultant or plain (UNION BUSTERS) in this website is nothing but pure lies to confuse employees who fear FedEx management.
We use our site which is call department of labor or (www.dol.gov) which tells us more accurate information about who’s in the payroll like your union busters , or (www.NLRB.gov) when violations has been committed by the union busters or FedEx corporation.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let everyone know that Greg Faith has pulled me aside several times and questionned me about union activity at Whittier and my feelings on the union and how I should vote no for a union.

Anonymous said...

Greg,I wounldn't be asking " where these guys get this stuff from?". Just know if you violate anybody's right per the NRLB to organize or even talk about Union at break time or lunch time, you will most likely make it back on this blog.

p.s. Even asking or fishing for some union infomation is a violation.