Sunday, October 7, 2007

Double Standards in Fontana Service Center…

A driver was in the Operation managers office talking to the Head of the DT’s when a dispatcher walked in the same office looked at the driver and said “your “F” ing me with your productivity performance!” Now the driver was taken back at what he said especially in front of a higher-ranking officer. The Head of driver trainers apologized to this driver for the dispatcher.

The assistant terminal manager of the service center said there would be an internal investigation into what had happened that day. After a week of investigating, the company has said there was nothing they would do to reprimand the dispatcher. What a surprise!

Let me tell you my fellow Fontana FedEx employees. If circumstances were reversed and you would drop the “F” bomb to any manager the way the dispatcher did to this driver. You would be suspended without pay do to an investigation. In addition, you would be terminated for sexual harassment!




Anonymous said...

We live not simply in a rich society, but a society full of riches. Riches like the American spirit, a spirit that has always been about more than just money. It's about caring enough to do our best even when no one's looking. A spirit that courageously empowers the American single Mom to grab a picket sign and say to her employer, "No, you are not going to do this to me anymore." How wonderful this American labor spirit is that it will never allow itself to be slapped with the abuses of a dysfunctional, abusive work environment. Joined together, these American workers stand tall, stand powerful, stand together with grace and the dignity that self-worth brings. Only through the commonality of such injurious experiences can the mustard seed of faith sprout so tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Until then, in this wonderful America which nourishes and embraces democracy, the American worker must join with each other to herald that freedom from the bondage of tyranny in any form: whether from distant shores, from home-grown exploiters of the poor, from dysfunctional management personalities who gain workplace power.