Monday, October 29, 2007

FedxMx Blitz At LAX ...

After yesterday meeting at L.A.X, it was great to see that FedEx freight, FedEx ground are not the only organizing drive. Meeting with some of the FedEx Express mechanics from Memphis Tennessee was a great feeling, also seeing employees from Boston Massachusetts, New York, and Florida.
One thing I have to say that it is coming! Seeing the mother company joining the Teamsters is seeing a secured future, and it would not be a surprise if Memphis voted the Teamsters first.

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Anonymous said...

Management at the Fontana yard said that the Union would not happen at FedEx. In addition, they said that Estes had done the right thing not voting in the Union. Well Farrin this is not Estes! Our fellow employees here and around the United States are getting educated as I told you they would! Moreover, with education, comes knowledge! We are only saving this company from itself! To make it the best company around, not only to work for again, but also a company that our customers will be proud to use repeatedly.