Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement Covering More Than 230,000 Workers at UPS

Contract Improves Wages and Significantly Increases Pension and Health and Welfare Contributions to Benefit Funds

: Bret Caldwell,
Leigh Strope,
(202) 624-6911

September 30, 2007

(Chicago) -- The Teamsters Union and UPS have reached a tentative agreement for a new five-year national contract for parcel workers that raises wages and will significantly increase the company's contributions to funds that provide pension and health and welfare benefits to Teamster members, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said today.

The agreement was negotiated during the past year, and is reached in advance of an October 1 deadline set by the union to reach an early agreement. The current contract does not expire until July 31, 2008. Upon ratification, most provisions of the new agreement will take effect on August 1, 2008.



F.T.E. BUBBA ARMY said...

As a FXFE employee i must say this.In day to day operations i don't feel we need a union.Now on the other hand if they keep raising the price of our health care and the copays and the scripts ,and giving us crappy raises then i will be more than happy to sign a card.our last raise was 61 cents not bad but if you factor in the higher cost of health care our raise was more like 30 cents.

JOE NUNO said...

In the Teamsters, everybody respects you and believes in you!
In a corporation or non-union company, they judge you!
TEAMSTERS; is strength!