Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please give us the definition of diversity.

The Independent Time states “Celebrate Diversity Week” is a week to “explore the history, cultural celebrations and significant life events of those around us”. However, earlier today, the Dock Operation Manager announced over handset radios to the AM hostlers that the use of the Spanish language would not be tolerated. Such a disrespectful statement contradicts the supposed intent of “Celebrate Diversity Week” at FedEx Freight in Fontana. When all is said and done, what is FedEx’s true definition of diversity?

mi amigo

mon ami

mein freund

mijn vriend

meu amigo

мой друг

my friend?


Anonymous said...

Can a employer tell to spanish speaking people that they cannot speak spanish in the work place?
Or that they cannot speak spanish each other? Isn't this breaking some kind of law....EEOC???
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Geez! Almost all of you were wrong! I'm suprised by your answers I must say. But according to's very much illegal or at the very least worthy of a MAJOR LAWSUIT!! Hence the following article

They were the go-to people when customers needed advice in Spanish about eyeshadow or perfume. But when Hispanic employees wanted to speak Spanish to one another, they say it was forbidden - even on lunch breaks.

Five women who worked for the cosmetics store Sephora in New York filed complaints, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued last fall on their behalf. They argue the policy is too restrictive and amounts to national-origin discrimination, which is illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1964

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I think any employer can say "No talking to each other while they're supposed to be doing their job."

But if they are telling ONLY the spanish speaking people, they cannot talk to each other and everyone else is allowed to talk as freely as they want, then Yeah, I think that's discrimination. Because it happens to be that they speak spanish because of their nationality. If two black persons were told not to speak to each other b/c they're black, that'd be one good lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Diversity at FedEx

At FedEx, diversity is not just a people issue, it's a business issue.

We take our commitment to diversity seriously. In fact, the company was built on a philosophy that puts people first and embraces diversity.

The FedEx family believes that, to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we must reflect diversity within our organization. The variety of cultures in our employment ranks enables us to better understand the needs of our employees and maintain an inclusive environment. We are proud of the recognition our "people first" programs have received within the larger community.

At the FedEx family of companies, we value the diversity of employees, customers and suppliers. We realize diversity gives us our unique perspective on an ever-changing marketplace. A succinct and telling phrase rings throughout the FedEx family of companies. We believe there's a time and place for diversity. All the time. Every place.

If this type of inclusive work environment appeals to you, check out our job opportunities and consider bringing your own unique abilities and perspective to the FedEx family of companies.


Anonymous said...

Diversity means, in addition to differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin and sexual orientation, an infinite range of individuals’ unique characteristics and experiences, such as communication styles, career, work, life experience, educational backgrounds and other variables.

Diversity focuses on tapping the talents of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives as a means of improving the workplace environment and productivity.

Diversity awareness works to create an environment that recognizes values and utilizes the unique skills and abilities of everyone.

The goal of diversity awareness is to create an inclusive, respectful and equitable work environment and community.