Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organizing Meeting Annoucement ..

Our next meeting will be ..

When: Sept. 13, 2008

Where: Teamster Local 63
379 W. Valley Blvd
Rialto Ca. 92376

Time: 1:00 PM

Everyone is invited. Bring a fellow employee, a spouse, it's their future also.
Don't let management scare you from attending these meetings.Get some good information from the Teamsters themselves and ask the questions you would like answered.

Don't believe management's union busting tactics,like Russ,Andy and Johnny Leyva saying that the organizers are only doing this because of a "Big" pay off after we organize FedEx ( Sounds like they know it's coming huh?). The only "Big" pay off we will get is what we are all fighting for, a Better Pension, Better Medical for Full Time And Part Time Employees and Better Wages and Respect for ALL OF US!So when Russ and the rest of FedEx management tells you this, ask them to put this in writing and sign it! Because the Biggest Pay Off I have received is working with some of the Best People in LTL,My fellow Drivers,Dockworkers,Mechanics,Hostlers,Fuelers and Clerical in The business!


Rudy and The FedEx Watch Dogs


Anonymous said...

Part time dockworkers from FedEx get information on U.P.S. parcel part time dockers on how they receive full medical benfits on just 60 hrs per month. paying nothing out of their pockets but only their co-payments and prescription. Remember part time FedEx dockworkers you are the cement to the company, you generate more revenue than a full time driver, by moving frt across our docks and creating routes for us driver.Thank you part time dockworkers for giving us fringe benefits for the full time employees and management and our famalies.So in return let's fight together and join the Teamsters, so that we could demand recognition for you part time workers,and not be a mule for the company, also remember to FedEx you are just good from the neck down.

a sick and tried line driver said...

I am a line driver from Anaheim who is glad to see that there is a meeting soon in Rialto. I am writing today on this website to let other line drivers who come to our terminal to be a where of Jim Peterson who is harassing drivers that come into our service center. I advise all employees who can make the Rialto meeting this weekend to attend.

dockworker that is tried of supervisors b.s.! said...

You got that right brother ! Now with us moving 5000 lbs. an hour we are the mules of FedEx!

Anonymous said...

Some of us dont see the light until its red and others dont see the water until they slip and fall but sonner or later everyone gets the point and learns to change. Im sure we need the Union here and Now but some employees will stay out there on that limb until it breaks. Sometimes the loss of money or benefits has to set in from another direction before they act. Maybe our fellow line drivers and combo drivers will see this after 1/2/09 when some of their trips are given to local drivers or dock drivers and they turn from 100 miles instead of 200 or they dont run at all. Change is comming so go ahead and keep thinking this won't happen to you and I. It will be such a mess the union will not want us. 10 PM OUT GOOTTA GOGOGO.

Anonymous said...

I am a p & d local driver out of anaheim. One thing that really bother me it is when Frank Cano our dispatcher is telling us drivers not to talk about union, take any litature from anyone involve with the Teamsters. Frank is in no position to tell us what to do on our free time, I think we have a right to hear a change of diffrent and not stop our rights of our 1st amendment. So Frank I know Mike.H puts up to this, you might lead here at Fedex, but you can't control our thought.

Anonymous said...

Andy Lessin has harrassed and intimidated workers for supporting the Union for far too long it has long been documented his abuse of the working man. Shame on him for attacking us employees.

Anonymous said...

If Fred wanted to keep the teamsters out he would raise everyone's pay right now to a dollar fifty an hour more, Guarrentee 8 hours pay, add another sick day makeing it 40 hours like Abf and Yellow have, give us back our transfer policy where Seniority is Guarrenteed after 1 year, for 20 year employees 5 weeks vacation, 25 year employees 6 weeks vacation and Fire these Mgr's who ack like Children most of the time. OK he does not care so lets form our union and work on more $$ for us and less for them. TEAMSTERS ALL THE WAY.

Anonymous said...

Beware of anti-union litature and anti-union busting video, before you believe anything of what being put out there, do your homework first. attend the meeting and ask those question of what the company and the anti-union consultant is trying to scare you and confuse you!. Remember that we put on the blogsite an invitation to our managers, if they are going to put bad things about the Teamsters, come to the union hall and be fair, invite your manager over to compare apples to apples and not to be cowards. remember brothers and sisters we are the union NOW ! Joe Nuño

Anonymous said...

FYI, When I go thru other service centers I dont see to many people but the one's I do see all say they have either been to a meeting and signed up or they are about to attend the next meeting due to the lack of respect and poor judgement from their mgr's. so pass the word were moving forward slowly and by jan 09 most likely we should see some movement one way or the other. Im guessing a card check will done by then. Also for all you people on the fence C-B Talk here, Either jump off on our side or stop crying no one other than us your fellow workers care about you. If they did you and I would be paid better wages and Benefits and Treated like a person not a number. At our age, More vacation time and More money are needed to relax and better Retirment Benefits are always A Plus. So lets see how you feel come January and all these kids start comming on. Good luck night hogs.

Anonymous said...

Were comming saturday and look forward to meeting some folks that care about our future. drivers, dock crews, combo and a few line. Go Teamsters Brother.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are still waiting for that Los Angeles / Carson meeting where and when will our meeting be held and what time. Were ready to roll on the west side so lets get this train rolling homies I mean BROTHERS. TEAMSTERS IN THE HOUSE.

Anonymous said...

"If Fred wanted to keep the teamsters out he would raise everyone's pay right now...etc."

And what then? Would we be free to lick his boots when we get hit by inflation? Come on, brother, they've gone beyond any of those possibilities, and fantasizing about it does nobody any good.

Forget about them, they've got a job to do and they're doing it. We've got a job to do, and we're doing it. Life is good. Stop wishing for a few scraps from the master. We all got your back! It's going to be good.