Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sign Now For FedEx Sponsored Union, Pay Later

Food for thought

There have been rumors that FedEx management is planning to start their own union for FedEx workers as a way to keep the Teamsters out. It’s hard to believe that the company would go down that road, but I suppose anything is possible. Under Section 8(a)(2) of the National Labor Relations Act, it’s illegal for companies to sponsor, dominate or control labor organizations, even if they disguise what they’re doing by calling them “quality circles”, or whatever the latest buzz word happens to be.

Why? According to H. Victoria Hedian, a noted labor attorney, “To be able to participate effectively in workplace decision-making and cooperative efforts, employees must have their own organizations, in order to act as equals and without fear. Company-sponsored employee involvement programs cannot offer meaningful representation of employees concerning their grievances, wages, hours or conditions of work. It is a problem of conflict of interest. Management cannot participate in these committees for the purpose of dealing with employees on these issues, while at the same time retaining ultimate control over the participants, the process and the decision.” (The Implications of Crown Cork & Seal, Co., 334 NLRB No. 92 (2001), for Employee Involvement Committees as “Labor Organizations”…)

The FedEx Watch Dogs


Anonymous said...

Everyone stay cool and be ready to vote when it happens But get educated and know your rights. Also anyone who wants more information just come out to our meetings and learn some good info about the unions. Either way were going to finish this work up soon and have a Voice in our company one way or the other. If fedex senior management or Fred Smith wants to attend, we would love to have them come out as well. Many thanks to all of you who have come to a meeting and continue to pass the word. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain silly. We are already in the "FedEx Union," and it sucks!

Fred Smith would never attend, nor would any of the senior management. Union or no union, those people are going to get their money. You know it, and I know it.