Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sign Now Pay Later Videos Showing at Terminals Now

There are anti union videos being shown around the Southland terminals. The company that put these out is AGTS, which the company pays up to $995.00 a disk or can rent for 5 days for $250.00, thats around $212,000 for just FedEx Freight! This shows us how desperate the company is to stop a organizing campaign at any cost.

One of AGTS clients is Walmart. We know that they have gone to many measures to keep the Union out. Even so much as to tell their employee's who to vote for in the up coming Presidential elections. Sounds like Corporate manipulation, right Tom S.?


Anonymous said...

These videos are so boring, and they give out such extreme views. Is it legal for these videos? I came from a union company and I see how these videos are feeding into the employee's fears of what they don't exactly understand.

Anonymous said...

Wow one V-PEP for the whole year, cut 230 employees in San Jose of the last of the mohican of our pride old school Viking Freight System. what happen to Viking? does anybody remember our first Moto was (SERVICE) I dought it, not to many original Viking office staff, but only employees of the old days. Now they are cutting to the nickle and dime on employees thru out our region, making full time employees to part time and cut benefits and reducing our linehaul just to make ends meet. But they sure have enough spending funds for those anti-union consultant videos. Hey Andy Lessin and Johnny Leyva you guys sure memorize those line from the anti-union video (I will do everything possible and legally to stop you guys from bringing the union into our company). I hate to tell you, but it's to late......

Anonymous said...

if fedex can show a video on anti -union or union busting then we should also see a video for pro union and what they can add to our table. no matter what we are men and woman who know what we need and how to get it done. so keep signing those cards and bring more co-workers and family to these meetings. this line crap has to stop and combo drivers are about to see how bad there new posistions will be real soon. this company can say these changes are for the best and so on but were all in this swamp going down together. the main issues here have and always will be our benefits pay vacation time seniority sick pay and retirment. bottom line all these items are being short changed lowered to poverty levels while some folks recive big raises and bonuses as well as other compensation. to be treated fair they fedex mgt need to see were united and we have to bring the teamsters into our work place because of the errosion of all these items and much more. I welcome the Teamsters and all employees here as well as all other fedex operating units so show your support by attending these meetings now and get informed.

Anonymous said...

Russ Fleck,Santiago Rios Jr., and John hinkley, I am a pro-believer for the union. but seeing what's coming down too, has change my thoughts even more about the future now. I view your anti-union video, but it doesn't convince me on any negativities about the Teamsters, for one reason both of my parents are retired from the union, both are from the Teamsters. my father still have a mortgage payment if it wasn't for both of my parent pension from the Teamster they be stil working now. I hope to see you guys at the hall this weekend, because I gave you 3 managers a chance on your point of view about unions, now stand up to your preaching and demonstrate us their wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

"if fedex can show a video on anti -union or union busting then we should also see a video for pro union..."

This is what we're fighting for, brother-our right to have our say.
'Should' don't cut it, man; we must be allowed to have our say!

Anonymous said...

Preferred Drivers:
This is so far rumor but from a good source.
Heard that,"THEY",have invited 10 line drivers to either Harrison or Memphis to attend a conference to gather feedback/concerns that the drivers may have.
That is,according to one of those drivers,disciples to return to the flock to dispense corporate speak.
To tell us why we don't need a union I bet.
Figure they will select those most likely to fall in line with the company program.
All it indicates to me is how much pressure they are under and concern that they will have a 3rd party that has our concerns as their first priority representing us.As far as I'm concerned the only thing I'll believe is what's in our contract.

jmf1955 said...

I haven't seen the video yet... but am going to walk out when "forced" to view it. Blatant propaganda is something that I cannot abide. I hope that all employees in a similar situation do the same. Simply explain to whoever is conducting the "meeting" that you are capable of making up your own opinion and would appreciate balanced information. Everyone reads a variety of newspapers of their own choosing...What is the difference here?

This is a basic right of every FedEx Employee...Unless the Independent Times and articles of incorporation of FedEx have supplanted and or replaced the U.S. Constitution, management has no ability to take any recourse or action by refusing to be indoctrinated by some video of unknown origin.

I am a local driver out of Fontana, sometimes I put my Union Yes sign out, sometimes not. Keeps management guessing... To those who care, You know who I am.

Anonymous said...

I am here in Wa state, and so far we haven't had much of the anti union stuff. We have had several meetings up here, Sea, Tac and Evt terminals, and with each meeting, more people come, so, this movement is growing, and we all need to do this together, more power in numbers. With the last posting on our propaganda board, Doug Duncan, says "we must embrace change if we are to continue to grow"...I couldn't agree more, so, let embrace change and go union, after all, it's "People First" motto at FedEX, right?? So, lets do it for us, the people.

Anonymous said...

"This is what we're fighting for, brother-our right to have our say.
'Should' don't cut it, man; we must be allowed to have our say!"

Quit crying about things and get involved bro. Don't be lazy and you need to start growing up and take on the company we are the Union so you need to start coming to meetings and support your brother Teamsters. Shame on you for criticizing the effort.

Anonymous said...

"Shame on you for criticizing the effort."

I may not have been clear. I do support the union; I have been to many meetings; I do try to persuade, and I do get involved on a regular basis. That was my attempt to boost the effort by reminding someone who might not see that the way for him to achieve his goal of equal treatment is to help us out.

I do appreciate you letting me know that I was coming across as a stumbling block.

As far as "grow up" and "stop crying," take it easy, friend. We don't need division amongst our ranks.


Maybe I'll catch you at a meeting.

Anonymous said...

I will see you at the local. Brother?