Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sign Now Pay Later Videos Showing at Terminals Now cont.

Most of us by now have seen the "Sign Now Pay Later" anti union video through out the week here in San Bernardino, Fontana,Whittier and most likely through out the system.
Well my brother and sisters this shows us all that management really does not understand about our complaints as FedEx workers and they don't understand how a Union works.
"Management doesn’t care about what is happening, doesn’t care about any of us, doesn’t care about what we are saying"."FedEx could have listened and responded to us but they got a video at the Blockbuster of Union Busting"."FedEx will never listen until we get serious and get into the Teamsters for real representation".

Time To Organize Is Now !
Be Wise And Organize !

The FedEx Watch Dogs


Anonymous said...

Andy Lessin has done so many labor law violations there should be a section just for comments on his violations.

Anonymous said...

Same old song Mike C. at WHT is harassing more drivers inquiring about the Union again. It must be a broken record by now. Mike C. has been targeting pro Union employees and attempting to discipline them and write them up for no good reason as usual. This guy must be having James Meyer harassment syndrome.