Friday, September 26, 2008

FedEx Mechnics Blog A Must Read

Heres the latest release from the FedEx Mechanics Blog

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Anonymous said...

It has been reported and confirmed drivers at los and gar are now working the dock more like Most service centers and some hours are being cut away from employee hired as dock workers. This continues to put older workers in a fix, either work the docks and hope you dont get hurt or back your start time up and allow employees with less seniorty to bump you. Not a winning situation either way for many of us. OLDER workers being forced to work like 20 year old kids only makes sense if this company hopes to flush out those workers that may have 20 25 years of service and near that retirment package. This company continues to push us into signing those union cards and yet they dont understand why. Maybe our voice will be heard after the teamsters are in and we have a Contract that we can live by.

Anonymous said...

Oak harbor on strike, good for them. They will have a better contract when all is said and done. Fedex will be on strike some day too. Fedex should have made better choices for our health care and retirment packages. Fedex could have been the front runner here and cut the Fat from overpaid managers and supervisors. But no they decided to tear apart the people who do 90% of the real work and pat the backs of those who don't need it the most. Ceo's and upper mgt folks have it all. We have very little and continue to have that cut too. So were headed in the direction of the Union and this is all their doing. If we fail fedex will fall along with us Union or not. To all managers, supervisors, operation folks and directors Look in the mirror these are the folks who caused this. Smile your on the hot seat now and it Feels like crap dont it.

Anonymous said...

" This company continues to push us into signing those union cards and yet they dont understand why."

Brother, these people know EXACTLY what they are doing.