Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Mark Link, Union Buster

Since the merger in January of this year, Mark Link has been harassing and intimidating pro union drivers at our Mira Loma Ca. service center. He’s constantly writing these drivers up for infractions with bills of ladings, delivery receipts, and delay times on the road.
Why is it that he has so much hate towards these employees?
Well before the merger, he was overheard saying that he will take care of these pro union guys, like he has before. You mean like at Estes? That was one of the main reason they were organizing there because of your treatment of them. Estes took care of that! Is that why you no longer work there?
Mark Link also worked at Consolidated Freight, CF, in Mira Loma. Now despite what FedEx says that the reason CF folded was because of the “Union”! Well we all know it was because of BAD MANAGEMENT! Are you beginning to see a pattern here?
On February 14 of this year, a group of local drivers were made to move trailers from Mira Loma to Fontana without any paperwork. The drivers were told to punch in on dock time when they made their moves to Fontana. Not under p &d, or shuttle, or line, DOCK TIME! Makes the infractions that the drivers are getting written up for seem so minor, huh?
Mark Link, you seem to have a problem with not just these drivers, but with the new system you have to follow now. Instead of taking it out on your pro union drivers you should “Nut It Up!” and blame the real people you should be after, Corporate!
Oh one more thing Mark Link, I spoke to one of your transferred drivers here at SBO who lives closer to the Mira Loma terminal and he said it was like working in a “Prison” there and drives further away now to SBO! Anything to get away from MRL!



Ronnie EX-CF employee said...

FedEx Corporate, if you want Mira Loma to survive in business, get rid-off Mark Link. If not your business will fail with Mark, because just the way Mark treats his employees is the same way he treats customers. Just call all your customers and do an assessment of his demeanor.

Anonymous said...

OMFG ! That creep is STILL around ??? I worked at C/F in Mira Loma when that jerk was there. I thought he was long gone and crawled back under a rock somewhere. During one of our job actions at C/F he called Riverside Sheriffs Dept. on us and laughed when we got maced and chased by the cops. He stood behind the fence and thought it was hysterical.

Frankie said...

Mark Link was in the group of managers when the video scandal took place in Mira Loma CF freight. Beware video cameras might be installed in your restrooms too

Anonymous said...

I am tired of Mark Link and his anti union agenda


After a series of offensive, racially and now sexually charged incidents composed of by Mark Link, City Operations Supervisor at the terminal MRL of FedEx Freight.  Several E. E. O. C., complaints for Civil Rights violations have been filed against the MRL terminal   

The E. E. O. C. has announced it was launching an investigation into the failures and  violations by the MRL Terminal to adequately eliminate the hostile work environment on FedEx property. 

The complaints alleges that FEDEX and the terminal manager Bob Tillet located at MRL failed to respond to a series of events that were racially and sexually motivated, with the most recent and egregious events occurring in the past year of 2010 and has now continued to include the newly transferred freight drivers in 2011.  

In addition to these very public events the complaint mentions FEDEX  failure to address several instances of private sexual harassment and racially motivated attacks allegedly done by Mark Link the city operations manager. 

No doubt there will be a certain part of the population that will try and dismiss the majority of these claims as an over-reaction to "harmless" and "typical" work environment  behavior, spinning the response into a variation of "men will be men." This is Bob Tillets' stand on the serious issues and complaints lodged at his terminal.  

But the EEOC,  is clear that FedEx officials have a duty to run a terminal free from such offensive conduct.  What is most troubling, and what the complaint addresses, is that the behavior that fueled the complaints is only escalating--due in large part to the perception that it is either not a problem or that BOB TILLET CONDONES what is happening or just does not have the knowledge, or won't step in to put a stop to it.  WHY?

That's a perception that is toxic.  Just like a sexually hostile and racial work environment affects all employees, and leadership and stands in the way of the principle job of FedEx to service CUSTOMERS FIRST. 

So far neither FEDEX CORPORATE officials nor the EEOC have commented on the investigation.  However, you may contact the EEOC at to file a complaint in addition to the other similar complaints filed against MRL and city operations manager, Mark Link. 

If you are experiencing egregious problems at MRL terminal, perpetuated by Mark Link, his dispatchers and your complaints are falling on the deaf ears of Bob Tillet. Then please contact Jeff Greer Vice President Regulatory by email at or by phone at 901-434-3116.  Mr. Greer is aware of the problems Here at MRL and can assist you from the FedEx corporate office. 

Nicleplaterick said...

Guys like Mark exist in EVERY trucking company. Sometimes I think it is because they can't find any other work! Until they get in trucking management every other thing they tried their hand at they failed! Trucking companies excuse failure up to a point but even when one gets fired from management, they resurface at some other carrier. Many times guys like Mark will drive their former company into bankruptcy or even out of business but a few months later you will find them at another place doing it again!

MANUEL *#@"&%?/ said...

I can't believe Mark Link still around in the freight business, that piece of shit human carcus has no heart for good decent human being. He has no soul in him because his thrill is seeing you fired. He could care not if your family suffers, if you loose your home or can't provide food for your kids. He is one fucking control freak that has to be done his way, he is also a manipulator and uses other to do his dirty works just in case it backfires so can wash his hands and blame you. Like I said people he loves to see people suffer