Friday, March 25, 2011

US Uncut / FedEx (Secondary Target)

When it comes to paying their fair share of taxes, FedEx simply does not deliver. When FedEx made $1.9 billion in profits, they managed to pay less than .0005% of it in taxes by using 21 tax havens. FedEx also spent 42 times (4200%) more on lobbying Congress than they did in taxes.
When FedEx does not deliver on its fair share of taxes, we are forced to cut $373 million in teacher training programs (Americorp).
Do we want thousands of American leaders trained to be the next generation of teachers, or do we want to allow FedEx to be a corporate tax dodger? It is clear which is better for our country’s future.

Billionaire corporations profit from the system of public services set-up by the government. It only makes sense for them to pay their fair share, just like everyone else. No corporation is an island, even if they hide all their profits in tropical tax havens.

FedEx is as guilty as the rest - Go tell them it’s time to Pay Up! Those who don’t have a Bank of America branch nearby, head out to your nearest Verizon wireless store and peaceably but firmly protest. Let their employees know that our country’s future is critical to their future too.

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