Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Rudy,

Anti-worker legislators are quietly pushing to count non-voters as "no" voters in union elections.

If they succeed, it will be much more difficult for workers to form unions.

The only votes that should count are votes that are actually cast!

Send your message to Congress now – they could vote as soon as WEDNESDAY.

We've just received word – anti-worker legislators in the House are about to make it much more difficult for railway and airline employees to form unions.

House Transportation Chairman John Mica – who has taken more than $620,000 in campaign contributions from the airline industry – quietly slipped a provision into FAA reauthorization legislation that would count non-voters as "no" voters in union elections.1

So even if there are more "yes" votes than "no" votes, the "yeses" could still lose. Can you think of any other election that works that way?

It's as outrageous as it is shamefully undemocratic. Congress could vote on the provision as soon as WEDNESDAY – we need to make sure they know Americans are actually paying attention!

Tell your representative: The only votes that should count are votes that are actually cast!

Last year, the National Mediation Board established rules based on fundamental fairness and democratic principles for workers in the rail and airline industry. Now, those workers have the right to vote "yes" for a union or "no" against it.

Think how every vote you've participated in works – from PTA meetings to Congressional elections. All the ballots are counted, and whichever side gets the majority of votes wins. Simple. Fair. Democratic.

But Rep. John Mica (R-FL) is trying to change all that. Instead of allowing those who participate to decide the election, Rep. Mica wants to require super-majority participation and assign meaning to votes that aren't cast.

We know what will happen if he's successful. Fraud. Worker intimidation.

Just think if members of Congress needed a majority of ALL constituents to get elected!

A Cornell University study found unscrupulous employers use this twisted logic to suppress worker votes under the proposed system.2 So it's critical that we stop anti-worker lawmakers from turning back the clock on progress.

Remember – the vote could come as soon as WEDNESDAY – your representative needs to hear from you TODAY!

Urge your representative to preserve fair elections. Send your message now, before they vote!

Thanks for all that you do for workers' rights.

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