Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snapshot Equals Constructive Termination

: Fedex wastes of money due to snapshot

Global Sourcing: Standards for worldwide partners

Snapshot of a Global Compliance Audit

A Global Compliance auditor or third-party auditor arrives unannounced at a randomly chosen company. He or she, accompanied by the manager, walks through the company for a full day, recording observations and responses to more than 400 questions; pointing out immediately correctable issues; reviewing job title information, plus personnel records and wages; and interviewing employees privately.

The auditor then recaps findings and corrective actions with the manager and human resources representative. Our analysts ask for a resolution plan and deadline, and a follow-up audit determines whether corrective actions have been taken; if not, the corporate is charged for audit costs. If a corporate is in compliance by the third audit, corporate enforce productivity in that facilities for a year.

To keep our team members and third-party auditors safe, any severe violations i.e., bribery, illegal transshipment, corporal punishment or underage labor that would cause immediate termination of a corporate relationship are not disclosed to the corporate manager by the auditor.


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Joe Nuno said...

(Quote; from
The snap shot we do is conducted by our own employees as far as I've seen, they don't interview employees either as far as I know, they just see if the center is complying to company policies and I may be wrong but I think local management are the ones that get reamed if it is a bad review.)
Yes I know our company conducts our own auditing, but its under a partnership or national security regulations. And as far as interviewing us with questions, you do conduct your interview through those computer quiz every 2 years, hazard material, forklift and other various questioners. If don't pass after 3rd try, corporate has the right to dismiss you for not passing or " complying "