week 4 day 1-2

day 1 was presidents day so not much activity as most of the big shots got the day off... imagine that

day 2 

we had another anti union meeting this one again covered embezzlement, fraud and the killing of baby kittens.

Various co-workers spoke up and rebuttals were heard in every meeting as well as questions and concerns as to why we are not talking about the issues and calling the continuing ride alongs and meetings a distraction.

Also a driver with a ride along was injured today unloading a pcs of freight at a customer. I do not know the specific but it sounds like the ride along offered to assist the driver and he didn't do a good job of helping.

Nothing major from what i seen just his shin was scrapped off from below the knew all the way down to his shoes tongue. he did bleed out some purple promise colored stuff but he will live.

Filled out ULP forms are piling up as a lot of co-workers are doing their part to keep tabs of things the ride alongs and managers are saying and doing. Its quite obvious they just do not realize who they can and can not trust or fool.