Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It is no secret FedEx has hired LRI (Labor Relations Institute) a union busting company that is built on deceit and populated by high-priced low life lawyers too lazy to practice law the hard way. These lawyers are nothing but ambulance chasers that look to destroy union campaigns and will use any means necessary to defeat the employees and manipulate the laws that were passed to protect us. The lawyers of LRI are specialists in one thing and one thing only, devising and using dirty tricks to intimidate employees who want to have an honest and fair vote on unionizing their terminal. LRI’s campaign against our honest and fair vote to unionize is an assault on the truth and an assault on the good hard working employees who want to improve their lives. These lawyers are paid high fees, often thousands a day to trick you into voting no. But are they as smart as they think they are? Not really, because they use the same old dirty tricks over and over. SBR, CLT and EPH are proof that these lawyers can be beaten. You must know what is coming and make sure all your co-workers know what to expect. The key to winning your election is to stay one-step ahead of them and be prepared letting every worker know what is going on behind the scenes and who is directing the anti-union campaign. Get your co-workers to attend a Teamsters Union meeting or call your Local and ask questions. The Teamsters are there to help you. The anti-union campaign will pressure supervisors to pressure you and your co-workers and this includes manager’s pets. You know who the manager’s pets are at your terminal. They are not on your side. They will only hurt you. Do not fall for their lies and deception, they are back stabbers and not to be trusted. They are told by management what to say and how to say it and what to do and how to do it, to get you on the anti-union side. Their motive is fueled by only one thing, favoritism, and favoritism has no boundary. Do your homework and read the Union Busters Playbook (http://unionbustingplaybook.com). We have proven to you on this page many times that FedEx is full of lies and worthless empty promises. FedEx will do and say anything to get you to vote no, and when you vote no and your election is all over, you will soon realize you made a mistake. Once you vote no, you may never get another chance to vote YES. If you don’t stand up and fight for your rights, you will never have any. This is a golden opportunity handed to you on a silver platter; don’t let it pass you by. You have a voice; use it to fight back against this unfair corporation. Many of us have witnessed the unreasonable termination of good co-workers. Remember, the only way to a secure future at FedEx, is with “Job Protection” and you can only get “Job Protection” by voting YES and joining the Teamsters Union. Anyone that has worked for FedEx Freight for an extended period of time will agree- “You never know what you’re going to get and when you get it, it is taken away”. FedEx will try to divide us, but our Union will bring us together. Remember, FedEx is more scared of you than you are of them. Vote “YES”

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