Monday, February 23, 2015

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Ride alongs continue...

well today we had Rob Leach the Human Resources Manager out of the Texas area to give us the Overnite fear presentation. Yes that is the one that uses clips from the HBO documentary American Standoff.

Of course he only showed the bad but failed to tell us why Overnite did not do anything to stop it. He only wanted to talk about how the teamsters didn't do nothing to stop the violence. He also was not forth coming with the fact that today those men that lived through all that still voted in the teamsters and are now known as Ups Freight. Never mentioned anything about how management was convicted of falsifying police reports, setting fires and other lawful acts in attempts to blame them on the teamsters. We know the truth though

Everyone got word by the 2nd meeting and when he asked if anyone had any questions all he got was a room full of stares. He anticipated we would act like a bunch of stupid monkeys and fling poo but we decided to just gesture our displeasure with disgruntled looks and deafening silence. 

He is after all just some Human Resources guy and engaging him in a heated debate about overnite and the facts is not prudent to the issues we all signed cards for.

Just another Fedex distraction.

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