Thursday, February 26, 2015

Teamatersoline comment

Rob leach is the biggest phony!

I remember him giving a presentation of an anti Union meeting, then he did his academy award acting in the break room, started to sob about his family being tormented by the Teamsters.

He said some unfitted stories about the union, how he was on both side of the fence, that he was paying $300 on union dues! This was three and half years ago.

Someone in the break room started to rebuttal Rob about how much he was making an hour, Rob said he was making $15 hr, that person started to laugh at Rob...Rob said why do you laugh?

And the employee told Rob, if you were paying $300 a month for Union dues then you would be making $120 an hour not $15 hr !
Rob went from a sobbing mode to an agitated person, pure phony H R Union busting

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