Monday, March 3, 2008

A Concerned Ex Combo Driver

I am an ex Gardena Driver who remembers that favoritism is still alive and well with FLC. I was there when a regional manager said to a group of Combo Drivers if we wanted to make more money we should get into line haul because ,” Combo Drivers are the bottom of the barrel.”

I have seen that FLC still have their favorite Combo Drivers that they save loads for and give them the money runs and leave a group of drivers who don’t share cigarettes, bring them food or snacks on the dock. So these drivers get to see more dock time for most of the night and after they have worked most of the night on the dock, then have to run loads in the middle of morning traffic, tired and pissed that the kiss a….s got to run most of the miles with a lot less traffic!

What should be done is that Combo Drivers should be paid by the hour as Union Drivers are who run fifty miles or under to make things an even playing field and make this a job they can be proud of. What gets me is that line haul drivers don’t even give Combo Drivers any respect! When things are slow around the system a line haul will take a run close just to get their miles. And when its busy he would say “don’t give me that run, its for a Combo Driver.”

This blog is to educate us on the importance of becoming a Union Company, because this is the right thing to do!

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Anonymous said...

You know you might have the right idea there buddy. Combo drivers should get paid by the hour! This would eliminate favoritism by bad supervisors who think that own the company.
Note to the Committee on first contract we get. Combo drivers get paid by the hour.