Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Message To Managers ....

Mike Zanoli you can’t tell the employees that the Teamsters will never happen in FedEx, you as V.P. of operation of FedEx Freight West can’t dictate employee’s choice for unionism, which is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, section 7 & sec 8.
You as V.P. of operation of FedEx Freight West violated the Act in Fresno by discussing union matters and questioning employee’s choice for union representation in front of other employees.
You must accept the fact that we are going forward in our Drive for unionism, and that there will be more Service centers joining our Drive, meaning FedEx Express, Ground, West, East, And L.T.L, this is our ”choice” it’s too late to fix our decisions.



Anonymous said...

This past Wednesday there was a meeting with Fontana managers and Whittier’s Service Center Manager in attendance. When their meeting was over that day, Whittier’s service center manager was overheard telling our ATM that on his way out he was “going to piss on some Union Yes signs” before he left. Shame on him for even bringing that comment up! This is a form of harassment by a high ranking officer of FedEx! And shame on the ATM of Fontana for not denouncing this comment which was said in front of an employee who could hear this!
This shows us once again that some upper managers just don’t care that we have our rights to organize our company and would have no problem harming our personnel properties.



Anonymous said...

Combo drivers who are for the Union and even the ones that were not, are now uniting together to protest what FLC has been doing lately, especially in Fontana. Standing together as a group will always work better than just one person standing alone!
Great job! FedEx Combo Drivers! There’s power in numbers!

fubar said...

on april the 12, (saturday) there will be a meeting at the teamster hall in tukwila, wa. anyone in the nw is invited to attend.

the address is:
14675 interurban S.
tukwila, wa

11:00 am

this is our second meeting with the union.

if you have questions, you can contact me at

managment has shown that we don't count for much anymore, so it is time to show them that we do count and make their worse nightmare come true.

fubar said...

i would like to know what happens with the nlrb and the vp who slammed the union to employees. we have a scm here who did the same thing, though privetly. can we report him for that?

irudedog said...

As of now the employees were going to report this to HR. But we all know that HR is not for the employees, they are there just to protect the company. Yes, you can report this to the NRLB, but if you do , do it as a group so you won't stand out as a single person and be labeled a trouble maker. You all rights and be free to use them!

Anonymous said...

I just want the younger drivers for fed ex frieght west right here in tacoma washington to know we are working for a dicktatorship of a company now. This company and it's so called management , all the way from are service center manager, and all the way up to are so called ceo are full of it. It's all about the corparate dollar not us as human beings. They preach diversity ,What a crook !!! Hey mike zanoli and you mike moss Take a long look in a mirror were all peaple here not NUMBERS !! GO union !