Friday, March 21, 2008

Fresno Meeting Update ...

The FedEx Watch Dogs would like to congratulate the employees of our Fresno Service Center for standing up to upper management from San Jose at yesterday’s meeting there. After what was and done Mike Z. told these employees that Corporate was not going to help them with any of their problems that they have with their managers in Fresno and that they would have to work it out themselves. The employees of Fresno have already tried this Mike with nothing there being done.
So now Fresno knows what has to be done and so should the rest of FedEx Freight West and all of FedEx across the United States. Thank You-VIP’s!


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Anonymous said...

Mike Zanoli you can’t tell the employees that the Teamsters will never happen in FedEx, you as V.P. of operation of FedEx Freight West can’t dictate employee’s choice for unionism, which is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, section 7 & sec 8.
You as V.P. of operation of FedEx Freight West violated the Act in Fresno by discussing union matters and questioning employee’s choice for union representation in front of other employees.
You must accept the fact that we are going forward in our Drive for unionism, and that there will be more Service centers joining our Drive, meaning FedEx Express, Ground, West, East, And L.T.L, this is our ”choice” it’s too late to fix our decisions.