Saturday, July 11, 2009

Activists want Kettleman industrial plans halted

Published online on Wednesday, Jul. 08, 2009
By Eddie Jimenez / The Fresno Bee

Activists said Wednesday that Kings County should halt industrial development around Kettleman City until it investigates concerns that pollution has caused a rash of birth defects and infant deaths.


Five of 20 babies born in the area over a 14-month period that ended in late 2008 had birth defects, including four with cleft palates, the activists said. Three died, they said.

And FedEx wants our families to more here!!


Anonymous said...

This is an outrage to move our employees to the Kettleman City, california area.
Here is a place where a hazardous material dump is near the town and near the new place of the future fedex freight service center.
We are unclear how many employees will be based there but it sounds like about 50 to 60 plus their families.
I have seen the video and listened to the audios on ltlboards and they are shocking to say the least. Thanks for posting this information. Our company would not have told us about this dangerous place.
Thanks for the information Change Fedex to win!
All you other drivers do the research on google or and find out what to expect if you transfer there.
Wow 7 different toxic poisons in the water!

Joe Nuno said...

How far are we going let Harrison Arkansa push us? Stand up for your Human Rights, join this petition... Coming Soon, Your future Home of FedEx 2010!

Anonymous said...

Has management come out and said they are tranferring employees?
What are the plans for a new service center and who will be affected and who will be forced to go???

irudedog said...

This will be a change in ops. Which will be done by mid-august. At our terminal, 4 drivers will move to Kettleman. Divers will be asked by senority. If no one wants to go, than they force drivers from the bottom of the senority up. This will only effect Line Drivers and there will be no local routes out of this new terminal, which they hope to build by 2010.

isn't it odd that fedex cuts wages and 401k matchs because they say the economy is bad.Yet they want to build yet another new terminal ???