Saturday, July 4, 2009

Organizing Meetings In SoCal ..

There will be two meetings this month:

Date: Sunday,July 12, 2009

Time: 8:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Place: Teamster Local 952
140 S. Marks Way,Orange Ca.92868


Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Place: Teamster Local 63
323 Valley Blvd., Rialto Ca.92376

The Decision To Organize Is Ours, Not FedEx's!!
It's Your Future. Get Involved And Make A Difference!


irudedog said...

If you are not from these areas and would like to attend, please do. And if you like what you hear from the Teamsters, we can do our best to help you find a local in your area. So your fellow employee's can also get educated on what the Teamsters have to offer.
Or contact me at

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about Paul Freyre harassing me and what I can do to file a labor board charge against him. I will be there bro with a couple other drivers too.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of Paul Freyre coming in and harassing me every time I am in the bathroom or when I take a break this has got to stop. Paul knows I am pro Union and he keeps giving me a hard time because of it I told Greg Faith about it and as usual he did nothing just like he does every day. Greg does nothing but sit in his office on his ass. I am tired of coming to work and getting harassed every day. It is sick the way these supervisors treat employees. You too Ricky Viramontes

irudedog said...

Call the NRLB at 310-235-7352 let them know what the promblem is.Also let them know you are pro-union and let them know you have also told management that you support the organizing at your terminal. And if you have been to a organizing meeting let us know so we can get you a copy of the roll call sheet to back you up.

July 5, 2009 6:43 PM