Monday, July 6, 2009

Changes Are Coming To Your Terminal Soon ...

In tonights meeting In Fontana, it was annouced that out of 39 runs at this service center, there will only be 17,starting next month.The other 22 drivers will become shuttle drivers.And the longer runs will go to outside carriers.

The Time To Oganize Is Now!


Anonymous said...

We told everyone that this was coming, our west coast management sold us out. John Hinkley was asked if the freight valume picks up in the future, would we go back to normal? and John answer was No!, this was going to stay the same for our future of FedEx. Well my Brothers and Sisters of FedEx we need a Collective Bargaining Agreement put together by us Employees. We as Employees need to sit in the round table and negotiate our future Collective bargaining Agreement. We the people need to form a Union here at FedEx, and not just FedEx Freight, but our mother company too, they are also joining us, once the National Labor Relation Act take into effect. You will see Federal Express packaging service centers join us in the future, because if FedEx think they are competing with U.P.S, they are not competing with U.P.S until we are organize by the Teamsters, then we are equal to the competition.

Anonymous said...

this sounds very bad but we just have to be thankful that we still have a job, but if we were union how could they keep fedex from making these changes

please advise

irudedog said...

If we would have had a contract in place, say like 3 years ago when we first staarted organizing fedex. the company would have had to come to the union,which are the employees, with these changes and the the employees would have to vote if they would go along with the changes.

But most of you listened to managers say the the "union" was not good for you. Now look has happened, full time positions made part time. Lost of medical benefits. No more 401k matchs, etc,etc,etc.

So when you ask your organizers at your terminal what can the "union" do now? It's not what they can do. It's what are "YOU" going to do for your futre here at fedex. Because "YOU" are the "UNION"!

Thats the 3Rd party who the company doesn't want to deal with.

Thanks for your question,


Anonymous said...

Most of you were listened to David Chacon say the UNION was no good for you like 3 years ago when the union organizer first came to anaheim terminal. Now ask David Chacon where are you benefits or your full time positions i told you this was coming.If we would have vote UNION we would have had a contract 3 years ago.I know there is a lot intimidation by anaheim management it is against the law to harass pro union employees for union organizing THE LABOR BOARD im a lay off driver with no benefits thanks MR. C H A C O N.

Anonymous said...

so if that is the case then why does everyone say its not the unions fault of yrc being were they are at ? that it is the management but if the company cant make any changes with out the union cant we also put the blame on the union? i think you are right and it is time for me to go to a meeting to see what its all about

undecided wht pd

irudedog said...

Well changes are still going on at yrc. and the employees look like they will do what it takes to keep their jobs.but we haven't seen an economy this bad since the great depression.
But the choices this co. has made has put them in this situation.

Please do come to a meeting and ask the local these questions.

frankiez said...$900-Million-a-Year-Savings-Be-Enough-For-YRC-Worldwide--41454.html
This article pertains to the TEAMSTER's attempt to help YRC,and itself to survive.
You see,Cabbage Patch,Russ,Hinkley,et al,the Teamsters want YRC to survive and PROSPER in spite of your opposition and attempting to point out the inherent evils of the Teamsters(You still haven't replied to my inquiry-How can FREDEX survive when the pilots are members of the TEAMSTERS?-Still waiting)
My only concern is that as part of the agreement to help YRC navigate through its BAD MANAGEMENT-ala Zollars-is that a clause preventing YRC/Zollars from bad mouthing the Teamsters members will not be included.
Wonder how muchsupport FREDEX would receive from its employees?
Oh, that's right it doesn't need their help,they don't have a Teamster's contract(YET)to prevent arbitrary actions by FRED FREDEX.