Friday, July 3, 2009

Help Us Help You

It's obvoius the situation at Fedex Freight isn't getting better,indeed ,with each passing day it's getting worse.
We all know that something must be done to restore and insure that our basic rights,respect and dignity are guaranteed in the corporate world that appears bent on taking them away from us.
The Teamsters are positioning themselves to address the situation with Fedex.However, they need your support.Remember if you aren't at the table you're on the menu.
And,yes it's a numbers game;the more we indicate to the Teamsters that we intend to organize to have our rights and working conditions regulated by a contract the more motivated the Teamsters will be to pursue those goals.
Here's how we can help you.
Realizing that not everyone can or wants to be on the front lines of the effort,we never the less need your support. If you support the organizing efforts at Fedex Freight but wish to remain anonymous communicate with me.I'll forward your name to a Teamster organizer who will contact you with further information about organizing,information on what a contract will mean and,most importantly,dispell rumors that abound about the Teamsters.Most importantly,it will indicate your desire to be treated fairly with a negotiated contract and restore sanity and stability to our workplace and personal lives.
If you will forward your name,telephone number and terminal(service center) to me I'll forward it to the appropriate Teamster's representative or office (Local) who will contact you concerning your questions and level of support while allowing you to remain anonymous.
I will not add your identity to any data base.I will,with your permission, include you on my e-mail list.
That's it. All you have to do is communicate.

Frank Zunt

Rudy Hernandez


peek a boo said...

When is the next meeting gentlemen???

Anonymous said...

You are absolutly right Frank, If you choose to join us. The word IF meaning to choose, your choice, free Will, your decision. If we choose to unionize we have a Collective Bargaining agreement by the Employees. The Employees and the corporation will negotiate a Collective bargaining agreement. Or just settle for a work policy, handbook or guidline by the corporation of FedEx. Now the word OR means no choice, no input by us employee, company rules only, take it or leave, and no Collective Bargaining agreement. Now let's get a fact straight, Fedex management show an anti-union video about three to four month back, that the Teamsters will force you to join the union, not true, I Joe Nuño as an organizer has ever force anyone or pest anyone to join us, and not even the rest of the FedEx watchdog. It's your choice... remember IF(choose) or OR(no choice)... Joe Nuño

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

irudedog said...

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