Monday, March 8, 2010


My fellow FedEx Freight employees, I want to make you aware of a recent change concerning our short term and long term disability benefits.

As of Jan 1, 2010 Cigna manages our disability claims. Whenever you are out due to medical or injury and need these benefits to cover the time off work, Cigna has to approve it. FXF pays them to micro manage our claims and deny them when possible. I had double knee surgery in April 2009, Cigna approved my STD claim and then months later in July denied it. The claims manager for Cigna stated that my doctor’s medical records were too brief and did not contain the info she wanted. After fighting with them with no resolution, FXF sent me forms to apply for FMLA and General leave to cover the unpaid time off. I did this to make them happy. This was a huge mistake. FXF sent me a letter just recently informing me that unless I return to work by March 2, 2010 they would consider it my "resignation".

This was due to the fact that you can only be off on FMLA or General Leave protected time for 90 days. At that time the employer can demand you return to work or you can be fired legally regardless of whether you or healed. If it had not been for CA State Disability, I would have had no pay for the entire time I was off. So you see, here is just another example of how benefits that we pay for are worthless.

Unless we have a say in how our benefits are managed then we are subject to whatever FXF wants to do. The only way we will be able to have that say is with a collective bargaining agreement. The time is now to stand up and fight for our jobs, benefits and stop the use of these purchased transports.

I spent most of last night at WHT unloading FXF trailers destined for the Northwest and loading the freight onto PT long vans. This is ridiculous. Those routes were once driven by our Line Drivers.

We CAN change FedEx to win for us and our families. One thing is for sure, it will not change if you wait for someone else to do it for you. Get involved now, get to a meeting at a local and make an informed decision about your future!

Road Driver


Anonymous said...

Jim Trucky is a liar

His Dudeness said...

"Cigna approved my STD claim and then months later in July denied it.

If it had not been for CA State Disability, I would have had no pay for the entire time I was off. "

The teabaggers tell me that I don't want government healthcare. To this I say BULLSHIT!!! And for those teabaggers who think they are doing anybody any good by standing up for corporations, this is an example of how they push their responsibilies off on the taxpayers! Smarten up Republican jerk-offs!!!! Your loving corporations are making the states go broke!

Anonymous said...

SBC Mira Loma will stand with you. We need a UNION. FedEx...LIED to us...WATKINS drivers. We had better pay, and benefits. This past month we lost our Birth Day Holiday, and a total of 35 hours of PTO time a year. What a joke FEDEX is...a bumbling company with no direction and surely not for the employees. I feel like I work at Wal-Mart. Where they too, need to be paid more.


Lets vote UNION and a GOOD CONTRACT.