Saturday, March 13, 2010

Organizing Meeting At Local 952

Organizing Meeting At Local 952

DATE: SUNDAY, March 14,2010

TIME: 8:30-11:00 A.M.



Bring a co-worker to their first meeting or a spouse and
even an LTL,Express or Ground employee!

If Canada FedEx can organize, so can we!


Kent/Tacoma/Everett said...

So how about some of you brothers and sisters from So Cal writing some reviews of this meeting for those of us who live a long way from you?

irudedog said...

Our meeting was,as always, very good. We had organizers from several service centers around southern california. Topics ranged from how well the organizing is going, to how bad the company is trying their best to run a system which they use in the East, which is not running very good in the West.
If you are interested in starting some meetings for your fellow employee's. Feel free to contact me at "" and I will make sure you get in contact with a local and organizer in your area.
I have met many people from across this great country of ours and they are eager and willing to help you "Form" a union at your workplace.

San Bernardino Ca. P&D 23yrs.

Anonymous said...

I heard Fedex Freight is losing money trying to incorporate this east style system. The operating ratio was very poor last couple of months.

Anonymous said...

"I heard Fedex Freight is losing money trying to. . ."

Losing money? No. They're making money--just not enough. It's not enough to be profitable in a corporation. The company must always continue to make more and more money.

Anonymous said...

The only thing they tell us is the price of the FDX stock shares. I don't know if they're making money or not. FedEx Freight workers are treated like Mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

they will just shut us down like we did to them years ago spartan,coles ya you remember

Anonymous said...

Fedex pilots are proud to be teamsters fedex freight soon will become teamsters this year thanks to Rudy Hernandez sbo Joe Nuno fta Tito Ayala anh Jesse Lopez wht and the fedexwatchdogs for your hard work go teamsters go.Los angeles driver.

Anonymous said...

"they will just shut us down like we did to them years ago spartan,coles ya you remember"

Don't buy into this line of crap. If the company is profitting, there is no way it will be shut down. They'll fuck around with us and tweak here and there, but they won't shut it down.

Joe Nuno said...

(Fedex pilots are proud to be teamsters)
Sorry anonymous friend but the pilots don't belong to the Teamsters, they Airline Pilot Association union or ALPA.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Joe Nuno my mistake about fedex pilots not being proud teamsters that's why fedex management hate the teamsters i learned something new today thanks friend Joe Nuno.we want to see union organizers at our los angeles terminal to hand the union cards to vote YES that's another reason why Greg Faith fired Jesse Lopez at whittier and Tito Ayala was fired by anaheim management for being union organizers they were fighthing for our midleclass future .Shame on you fedex freight management.go teamsters go los angeles driver