Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Even Bother With PT's ?

The FedEx Watch Dogs have heard that a local driver had to run to Sacramento today which is not to unusual only that he is hauling a "PT trailer" not a FedEx trailer? How can this company run another companies equipment without knowing if its road ready?
Will FedEx cover this driver for any "fix it problems" or will it most likely be the drivers responsibility and go against his CDL because of the new CSA 2010 laws?
Here we have a system that doesn't save any money in our minds. First you are paying a 3rd party carrier who cannot cover shipments. Now we are using a 3rd party trailer at a cost of $500-$800 a day plus driver wages and hotel? We thought that was the whole ideal of this "spoke and hub" BS? To lower cost on lay overs?

When our sales force goes out and sales this FedEx product to potential customers, do they explain to them that we use PT carriers to get their freight from point A, point B and charge high prices to use the "FedEx" brand? And undermining the employees of FedEx? By cutting runs for line and cutting full time dock workers to part time. Who lose their medical benefits and cut their income?


Anonymous said...

The only way to stop this F.BS is to become teamsters and start handling the union cards and vote yes now is the time we want the teamsters organizers back to our gates to hand the union cards we are ready.Gardena driver

Anonymous said...

Heard j. b. hunt is coming soon to move our freight at fedex freight thanks to the fedex ex c.e.o now j.b .hunt management what a f...... joke that's more dock time for our line drivers lets get together and sue fedex freight for abusing our workers and for the use of PTransportation soon will be over when we become teamsters let's vote yes now san fernando valley teamster wanabeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Why sue? Without a Union employment contract, can't the company just do what they want? If the Sales folks can sell it, and the customers at large buy into it, and the freight gets delivered, what difference does it make? It all looks good from on High, and back East.