Sunday, March 21, 2010


FedEx Spends Millions on Lobbyists,
USA Today recently published this chart depicting the “Top 20
Spenders on Lobbying.” FedEx made the list, at No. 13. Our company
spent $9,335,000 in 2008 to lobby Congress and increased
that expense to $17,050,000 in 2009.
What could have fueled almost doubling FedEx’s expense on lobbying
in 2009? Does our legislation, “Express Carrier Employee
Protection Act” ring a bell? The legislation that helps us regain our
rights under Federal Law. The rights to freedom of association that
were swept away from all of us by FedEx lobbying efforts back in
FedEx is spending the money we help to generate for them on lobbying
Congress against its employees best interests. This doesn’t
seem right and certainly not fair.
All of this while our 401(k) matching funds are suspended, our insurance
costs go up while our coverage goes down, our defined
benefit pension plan is frozen and eliminated.
The money that is being used against us, could have been used to
help pay the cost for insurance, pay the high out of pocket expenses
we incur or even to save for retirement.
To keep FedEx from doing this again we need a written contract
with our employer to lock in our wages and benefits. So we don’t
have to pay for our company’s next whim.

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