Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks Fred ...

With the Senate passing of the "FAA Reauthorization Bill" today. It was perfect timing that our Chairman, Fred Smith, sent out those letters about the "Reauthorization" bill. This letter has sparked a move from our employees in the west to actually call their Senators to ask them to vote "Yes" for the passage of this bill. They could not believe that the company would ask its employees to call and say otherwise!

After all the "anti-labor" this company has shown towards their employees, no "COLA", lost of full time status, lost of benefits, loss of dignity of providing for one's family after so many years of service to a Muti-Billion dollar company!
So, do your part to help yourselves and your fellow employees and do what the Chairman wants you to do. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to say "YES" to pass the "FAA Reauthorization" bill!

Let the company know. Let the shareholders know. And let Fred Smith know!
Enough is enough! United We Bargain! Divide We BEG

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Joe Nuno said...

When I first started to organize FedEx frt. and was being introduced into Change to Win, I do remember when Russ and Farrin cornered me in farrin’s office, telling me that the Teamsters will never ever enter at FedEx, that Fred Smith wouldn't allow this. Russ also told me that I would have to organize all of FedEx and that it would be impossible for me to do this by myself. I told Russ and Farrin that it could be done, if man can move mountains across the lands and build islands in the ocean, then nothing is impossible to do and I accepted that challenge. So Rudy and I started networking with terminals in the western region and manage to succeed. Then Rudy and I started to connect with Memphis Tennessee FedEx Express, the mother company and that blow across the entire nation, and now our Brothers and Sisters from Canada, now that is a major labor movement. Wow, like I told you Russ and Farrin nothing is impossible, having faith in God will lead me to the right path.