Thursday, March 4, 2010

How To Destory A Profitable Company ...

One of the reasons you would think that FedEx made the purchase of Viking Freight was because it was a profitable and fine tuned machine? When the talk of any raises for the coming fiscal year comes up, the answers have been we are not as profitable as years before, so any kind of pay increase in the near future is questionable. So whose fault is it?

We have a system which is a model from anywhere but Vikings original territories, i.e. Arkansas. The elimination of long haul runs for the use of PT drivers. Cutting full time dockworkers to part time, or dock drivers.

The Watch Dogs would say that some of the reasons why this system is a waste of money are because when a PT driver comes in to pick a trailer and it has HM loaded. The dock has to unload that trailer to remove it. Why? That driver has no HM endorsements? Or when a PT driver who was suppose to make a pick-up is late or shutdown and cannot make the pick-up. It’s reloaded onto a set so our line drivers can move the freight. This is most likely a last resort, because the company has to pay a high paid employee now. There was a report that an employee turned in a PT driver because he was intoxicated and the police were called to remove him from the terminal!

Is This the New Purple Promise we have been reduced too?

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