Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today we were forced to watch a video of Bill Logue speaking out against the Union. He had stated that fedex freight has weathered the storm and now because the company is doing well the teamsters want a piece of the action.
What he failed to mention is we sought out the teamsters.
He claimed because of the economy the company has made some mistakes and wants to make it right.
Well sir the economy has nothing to do with a driver score card. The economy has nothing to do with no written rules. The economy has nothing to do with the bs write ups and your supervisors harassing us everyday when we are just trying to make a living!
He made no mention of fixing our terrible benefits high copays and ridiculous deductibles or emergency room penalties.

You sir can not be trusted and it's your greed and discontent for your employees that brought the teamsters.



irudedog said...

After the video was done, our service center manager asked if there were any questions? I asked "why did FedEx allow the FedEx pilots to go union?" He said he had no answer to that. The answer is very simple boss. FedEx did not allow the pilots to become organized, it was the pilots themselves! They organized, they petitioned an election. They voted to be represented by a Union. And they voted on a contract!

We are now seeing this process being done by our Brothers and Sisters at our East coast terminals.

If you have any contact with these brave and courageous employees, contact them and give them all the support they need to achieve their goal. Because this is going to be a hell of a month for them. FedEx will do "everything legally" in their power to stop this from happening.

Remember to stay STRONG and UNITED. The only weapons FedEx will have are, lies,misinformation. threats and empty promises.

Rudy Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Yes the same meeting in my terminal, also office personell attended this anti union meeting, our war has just begun. Stay union strong vote yes. This is the time to remember all the bs you personally have sufered at work and all the harassment and eventual firing of employees especially those who had been here for a long time if the union dont pass, this is our only chance to make history and make fedex freight union proud employees VOTE UNION YES

Anonymous said...

Lol its a funny thing whenever employees of a corporation come together as a group and want to unionize, the big company ceos pays attention to the employees. If none of these would had happened we where just numbers to them. VOTE TEAMSTERS YES.


go go laredo tx in the house brothers we made history in laredo at conway frt you can to am spreading the word down south brothers vote yes