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Saturday, February 16, 2008 Message From Senior WatchDog ...

This is a post from awhile back, but still holds true today. I guess things around here at FedEx Freight haven't gotten any better in the last six years? You decide.

Where there’s people there’s power!!

If the employees at Fed-Ex Freight or any division of Fed-Ex we’re motivated by desire instead of motivated by fear, we would be a much more successful company.

Being motivated by fear is old school. But it’s very sad to see new managers moving up in the ranks, anticipating the opportunity to use fear, as a means of control, or to enforce their own power unfairly and unethically. This gives answers to a lot of the problems in our leadership today, which really makes representation, or a union necessary.

Fed-Ex has all the right slogans, acronyms, acrostics, and experience, to stay successful even with representation. Not to mention the pride of the company, which a majority of employees have.

But there is another issue of pride; the negative, egotistical pride that is held by our senior officers, and managers; That is; holding on strong to the reputation that “we’ve never had, or never needed a third party”, or “Union” The senior officers and management look at the Union as an Albatross around the neck of the company, ready to take it down, but instead of being open minded about what their employees want or need. But instead we have seen a lot of programs, campaigning, and other ways to deter the employees away from the idea of a Union.

It is also very sad, to see our managers / senior officers go through such physical distress at FXFW, because of holding on to the reputation of, “never needing a third party” or Union for their employees. I think it’s time we start applying our own company slogans to this issue. Like “work smarter not harder”, because if by chance, the employees acquire representation, it will be a bitter defeat for our senior officers and managers, but if they would just “listen” to their employees, and compromise or agree on a contract agreement, this could save much heartache for everyone. Just remember “where there’s unity there’s power” in the people.

In a day where corporations like Fed-Ex are making financial decisions, using employee funds and bonus programs to defer expenses in operations, can only be fully investigated through a third party interest, in which at this time we have none. This leaves the employees at Fed-Ex vulnerable to the conclusion of their calculations, of where and how is our hard earned money being spent.


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