Friday, September 26, 2014

Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight

People first is what we are told everyday. This couldn't be any further from the truth! If this company treated it's people as they should've in the first place we the people would not have sought out the union. FedEx claims to want to make it right. If this were true they would allow the people they say they put first to have our elections, stop putting in appeals that they know ahead of time they are gonna lose and doing so just to delay giving the employees what they want.
We challenge the company to stop trying to road block and delay any and all elections! We challenge the company to give the people they put first what they want which is uncontested elections.
We challenge Fedex to stop extending the WAR it has declared on it's employees! Every action so far the company has taken against the employees organizing is an assault on it's employees and should be viewed as nothing less.
We will say it again. SHAME ON YOU FEDEX!!!
Here is your chance to do the right thing for your employees in the national spotlight! END THE WAR YOU HAVE DECLARED US!

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