Sunday, September 14, 2014

The support this movement is receiving is phenomenal!!! Thank you to all of our supporters and most of all thank you to the brave men and women who are leading the charge to make this all possible.

The company has waged war against us employees and our families. Every donut, every slice of pizza and every car wash and cookout the company has purchased is to try to get you to turn on your work place brother. Do not sell your future so cheap.
Remember all of the abuses the company has committed. Terrible health care with insanely high copay and deductibles, no days off without attendance points, no honor to seniority, scorecard, unfair critical write ups , delayed wages, no written handbook, no reasonable cause, guilty if the red shirt says you are , disciplinary coachings put in your file without your knowledge, terrible pension, write ups from 10 years prior never go away, scab drivers, purchase carriers, and the list goes on and on.


Anonymous said...

Thats right brothers in arms, eat their food and get your car washed, just show them a false stability just the same way management had done to us in the past, remember all the abuse and harrasment done to us drivers in the past, but at the end VOTE TEAMSTERS YES.

Anonymous said...

This burning like gunpowder!! Hooray!!!! Vote teamsters yes!!

Anonymous said...

Stand united, Stand strong let them see you acknowledge your brothers and sisters and see the unity.

Anonymous said...

This is all new to me. Here on the West Coast we're pretty clueless. I started poking around because we have to watch the Bill Logue video (going in early tonight to see it) and, with the abandonment of the "Scorecard" scheme, it seemed like stuff was hitting a fan somewhere.

Is there a place to start directing SAC, OAK, MRL, SBO, MOD, FRO, other West Coast drivers to for info and support? Pulling for Cinnaminson, hang tough boys!!

(Sorry, not willing to ID myself yet. I'm sure this site is monitored by Red Shirts)