Thursday, March 12, 2015

An update on Charlotte North Carolina:

An update on Charlotte North Carolina:
Hello guys,
Let me preface this by saying my name is Donovan Bell, City P&D Charlotte. I just wanted to give you an update on the daily goings on of our Center.
Life couldn't be better for a FedEx driver in Charlotte at this time. For starters, we now enjoy a level of respect unseen before. We enjoy an adult to adult relationship so to speak. I liken it to being a child moved from the child's table in the kitchen, to the adults table in the dining room during holiday meals.
That said, we are also enjoying an influx of business, requiring us to put on six more full time City drivers. This leads me to my next point: There has been no attempt made to run freight around our center! As I sit here on my lunch break reflecting, I am reminded of some of the fears of the no voters, and how they now see those fears have not come to fruition.
I have had several no voters tell me they now see the benefits of forming a Union, and how they now enjoy coming to work more than ever. They see that nothing for us has changed for the worse, and for example we still have our vacations, 401k, holiday pay, and you still come to work and do your job, and fulfill your bid as always. They are very pleased with the new attitudes of management and the level of respect they now enjoy. After seeing the benefits already, no one in Charlotte wants to go back to the way it was. They are excited for the present changes, and even more excited about having a say in their future. We are enjoying stronger support today, than on the day of our vote November 19th 2014.
In conclusion, I just want to encourage my friends in Stockton, Chicago, and any centers in the future to vote yes and enjoy these benefits for yourself and your families.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken FedEx Teamster
36 year teamster and proud.
Our company over 100 years in business working along side
Union employee's
and still
the BEST in the BUSINESS
Pride of Company is everything
Pride of self (PRICELESS)

Anonymous said...

This is what we all fighting for, thank you for sharing you work atmosphere after your vote, we all at FedEx Freight need to follow your footsteps for better treatment and respect.