day 3 week 6 

today we came in to a HUGE banana cake and a celebratory atmosphere. The occasion: They official presentation of checks and awards for the drivers that are now recieving their safety trucks for driving 25 years without a accident. They had revisited incidents that had previously disqualified them from getting the award and corporate had over turned those decisions.

But the good vibes all came to an end before the day ended. We all showed our displeasure at the fake gesture of appreciation management was trying to convey. 

Some made it clear we know why this has been done and it was a sorry attempt to win over guys and it got ugly between the VP and other regional managers is all i can say.

Its now clear to us that management is going to run a dirty campaign. The desperation is clear defeat is inevitable and they do not want us to get to our day.

Rest assured that we are still here and still united and loving every minute of watching the real cronies and thugs expose themselves and crumble.

NOTE the ride alongs have continued every day of this week