Friday, March 6, 2015

Fedex has started it's latest assault on pro-union employees at it's Stockton terminal. The company has been reported to be holding rounds of anti-union meetings in which employees are greatly outnumbered by managers and known union busters posing as "guest speakers".

In addition to the misinformative and intimidating meetings, the practice of  ride along "profiling" is also continuing at many of the California terminals. During these ride alongs, managers are attempting to gather information about the unionizing efforts, so please remember, "loose lips sink ships". You are not obligated to answer any questions they may have about your involvement or any information that you may know.

Fedex is resorting to these desperate tactics because they know the power we have in organizing. They know that with the momentum of the East Coast organizing efforts, we will be next! Stay strong and stand united!

Be Wise and Organize! 

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Anonymous said...

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