Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stockton day 1 of week 7

day 1 of week 7

rider a longs continue for p&d

Pat Reed arrived with soft hands and ONE HUNDRED pounds of tri-tip along with the manager from chico and his smoker in transit for the Last Supper.

I also got texts that the fedex distractions machine is running full bore and its running low on material apparently.

Today visiting managers approached our co-workers with a copy of the Larry Emens story and proceeded to slander his character and tell drivers that the story is a lie.

This is exactly what we expected. The company has once again shown us all how low its willing to stoop and it has taken the bait hook line and sinker.

Fedex has no topics of substance to discuss at this point but to proceed to tear down a single dad that was shown the door. He was fired and denied his unemployment which subsequently cause the man to lose his house, move his boy away from his friends and move in with his brother 20 miles away. 

The joke in question was told 2nd hand, but even then no manager hated this man! No customer ever had complained about him prior. he never had any past disciplinary actions against him. So for the company to make it a point to keep tearing down a great friend to a lot of us is offensive.

One day Longer, One day Stronger 


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Anonymous said...

Why just the freight, all of us employees deserve to be 1 voice.
I love my job and love my company but still don't feel secure and don't feel they are trustworthy.
If they new I was writing this there would be discussions tomorrow