Friday, March 13, 2015

day 2 week 7

ride alongs continue

Well Pat Reed did his speech and we all sat down and tried to stay awake. He asked if there was any questions and again we all stood in solidarity and said nothing.

The general mood from management was that it was over... The big shots stood around on the phones, looking down and kicking around rocks. The smell of defeat was burning their nose hairs.

The tri-tip was again cooked to perfection and we feasted and enjoyed our last supper together with our co-workers. We all realize it will take another earth shaking event before we enjoyed another BBQ like the ones we have had over the last 7 weeks.

Day 3 week 7

For the 1st day in weeks we noticed the managers are not lining the front door to greet us... hmmm

right away we get the sense managers are up to something. 

Through out the day co-workers where getting calls from drivers in surrounding centers about things that they where seeing and hearing and it was clear that FedEx had one last trick up their sleeve.

The campaign distractions machine revved up one last time and FedEx has found a way to circumvent the "cooling off period" by useing the rumor mill to spread FEAR. 

Reports came in late afternoon that regional managers and pat reed were visiting the 2 closest centers to us to planning in case STK voted in the union. The neighboring Managers had also started giving hints to its drivers that if STK votes in the union they plan to be VERY busy.

Drivers also reported that rental equipment was being staged at neighboring center around 

It is clear that they where going to use the same tactic that worked in getting Louisville, KY and West Virgina to vote no.

They were going to use the rumor mill to trying and convey the message back to STK that it was going to be shut down if the union was voted in.

Luckily we had planned for this and we are all baulking at their silly attempt to instill fear.

Legally, logistically, and pure logic is all you need to see its just another attempt to bully us. 

Once again we are shown who the real thugs amongst us really are.

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Anonymous said...

Well that would be very unwise and to costly for FedEx to do.