Sunday, January 25, 2009

Accident SEA

Well,well,well,more benefits of utilizing the EASTs system of doing freight.
This site is generated by the U.S.Department of Transportation.
Not,"I heard from a guy whose..."Thus definitely DON'T SHOOT the MESSENGER.
I find it curious that almost ALL of the accidents are in the EASTs system.Except for Texas none in our previous market area;which,candidly,is a bit suspicious.
Yet this is what the DOT is reporting.
Anyone with information to clarify this pass it on to me.
Now,why do you suppose they have so many accidents (30 month time period)?
Could it be that they run their drivers like rented mules?
Could it be that the cost of the accidents are less than treating drivers with respect and dignity?
Don't know.I do know that I refuse to subscribe to the hurry,hurry,hurry policy of the EAST.
That's why I now drive 55mph(in California) and maximum of 65 in Arizona.
Why? Safety,safety,safety and then too they're looking for an opportunity to fire you so why risk your license and job (a sucked as it is now)to meet their obviously dangerous schedules.
Wonder if Mr. Smith/Duncan et al were aware of these facts before they implemented the infamous EAST SYSTEM
Wonder if the outbound gate being hit is an indication of things to come?
We'll never know since we don't get safety reports anymore-it's an EAST thing.


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frankiez said...

Update:Went to the same site and discovered that you had to insert ,"West",to discover the accidents in our previous market area.
Here are the facts.For the same time period the West had 177 accidents vs.just under 600 for the East.That's a ratio of 2.95 to 1.So for every accident we have (had) the East had almost 3.
Question? Must we up our accident rate to emulate the Easts?After all every query we have the response is:"This is the way the East does it".
That being said it becomes apparent that the Teamsters would prevent us from being treated like rented mules for the sake of them getting their numbers to look good at YOUR expense.
Incidently,once again these aren't hearsay numbers they are from the DOT website.
Do your homework 3floor(aka Xman)we are.