Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Even Survivors Need a Good Contract

By Mary Jones, UPS, Tool Room Attendant

I am a survivor.My life has been a combination
of roller coaster rides and marathon races
as I worked to hold my own in a male-dominated
job field. It has been tough trying to
prove myself as worthy of my position, and still
be able to work while being a single parent.
I remember always working 60 to 80 hours
a week with no medical benefits, no retirement
or pension plan, and no light at the end of the tunnel for job security
or promotion.
Then in 1998, I was offered a job with UPS. I was told by
other UPS workers that this would be the only place I would ever
want to work because of the union.Well, even survivors like me,
need the union, and being a member is worth its weight in gold.
In 2000, I was diagnosed with cancer, and my doctor told me
that luckily, I had one of the best insurance plans they had ever
seen. And he was right! I went through surgery, chemotherapy
and radiation, and my out-of-pocket expenses were minimal.
Prescriptions cost nothing, or next to nothing.My seniority
actually stands for something.My future is very promising because
my pension is my pension, and my 401(k) is my 401(k).
The company cannot touch it.
All this is possible because of the Teamster contract I have.
The Teamsters fought and bargained for all of these great benefits.
So if you’ve been thinking that forming a union is too hard,
or it’s taking too long, please think of me. A survivor.
You need a good contract too. That’s why I take tremendous
pride in helping out on your campaign to form a union with the
Teamsters.We all need to work together and open everyone’s eyes
to the facts that without a contract, you have nothing. You can
wake up one day and have no job.
Even survivors need help and a Teamster contract can provide it.

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