Thursday, January 1, 2009

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FedEx Announces Salary and Retirement Contribution Freeze
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FredEx Going on PR Offensive?
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Anonymous said...

Hey watchdogs. exactly why aren't you afraid of Andy Lessin? Can't he take your jobs away at the snap of his fingers? My supervisor told me that am at will....hwtever that means?

irudedog said...

This game (job) has rules to it. If you don't follow them you could get the axe! The reason we're not afraid of him is because we have laws in the work place to protect us. We have learned these laws, which most of these managers don't even know about. And if you stand up with your fellow employee's and say "Yes, we have a right to organize. And "Yes" we beleive we need represention by the Teamster".You will be ok. If you follow "THEIR" rules.

Andy was heard one day saying " he would do everything "Legal" to keep this company from becoming unionize!"
Well Andy, Legally we have every right to organize.And ilegally is the only way we can get fired. Ask Mike Hutton what happened to Tito?

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power!.. When you educate and read the California labor law codes and read the federal labor law codes and then you will understand, that you will have no fear. One of the most powerful tool you have is your voice, by having no fear to cast the law to your employers is the power of the voice... Mr. anonymous answer me one question, if your manager gave you a written notice on grounds that you broke company rules, base on other employees telling him what you did, would you sign this discipline action? hopefully you wouldn't. Why because your manager wasn't there to see you, it is hersay. Here is an example in Anaheim center Mike Hutton fired Tito ayala on two wrongful reason, one was that Tito abandoned the job, which is not true. Tito ask CLC after driving 11 hrs on the job if he could go home because he wasn't feeling well and he was granted the ok to go home when he arrived at his domicile. But Mike suspended Tito for abandoning the job. Now if you look in the archive of this blogsite under the post call food for your thought and read the D.O.T federal laws, then Mr. Hutton broke the law himself. But the truth is Mike tried to fired Tito for organizing. Here is the other wrongful termination, Tito was call in by Mike Hutton to come in and pick up his final pay check and was told by Mike Hutton and giving a notice for the reason he was fired, and that reason was that Tito pulled the wrong trailer to another service center. That is also not true, Tito pulled the right trailers out. Tito is like me and other line drivers, we use our cell phone to record our trailers numbers being dispatch by CLC. By recording our dispatch we can secured our jobs and eliminate errors and cost. Mike Hutton fired Tito for organizing.... Knoledge is power.. On Tito unemployment hearing, Tito had all his notes and records stating all the wrongful termination reason that Mike has done. mike had no notes and lost. Here is a kick in the head santa clara sent Tito a letter asking him to state why he had quit his job!!

hoffa life said...

Andy Lessin has tried every reason in the book to harass me for wanting the Union. It is time for Andy to stop persecuting people working people for wanting Union representation.

Anonymous said...

If andy snap his finger and fired me and him knowing that I was for the Union, would I let this stand, hell no I would demand a statement in writing to give the cause of termination. if you were fired cause of religion or just say andy found out you voted no prop 8, wouldn't you stand up for your Rights. Hostler why do you let Harrison Arkansa take your work away, dockworkers stand up for your rights, they are taking work from you, and linedriver too. Let's all stand together and show this company that enough is enough. Let's have a Teamster contract, bring back our fulltime status. sincerly R.Morris So-Cal

frankiez said...

I'm confused.In the Washington Post interview (Puff Piece) with Mr. Smith,he stated that the people out there everyday delivering and picking up were the REAL PEOPLE BEHIND THE PURPLE PROMISE.(Paraphrasing)The key ingredients to the success of the operation.
Yet,when queried by an aircraft mechanic at an annual report meeting Mr. Smith stated that the Purple Promise was for the Customer and not YOU.He was doing everything within his power to deliver the Purple Promise-and all it entails to the customer.Any benefit derived by YOU was incidental.Indeed,while we are vital,we are merely work units to be exploited,then discarded.At least that's what I get out of it.So much for,"our people make the difference".
Equally confusing to me was the acknowledgement that Mr. Smith's son,Arthur(not verified as to him being the son-utilized process of elimination),being an assistant coach with the Washington Redskins Football Team.Quality Control-Defense is his title.
Mr Smith also acknowledged that he purchased a number of shares of stock in the team.Payback? Nepotism?Nah, the son is highly qulaified even if only recently graduating from college.So talented that he was catapulted into the position over and above other qulaified applicants.Heaven forbid that a position would have been created for him at daddy's behest.
What am I getting at?
Mr. Smith's son is UNDER CONTRACT!!!
Imagine that.Thought we didn't need a 3rd party to negotiate for us.
Well,since most of us don't have a rich and influential daddy to look out for us,we had best look to the Teamsters as our,"daddy".Otherwise we'll-and we are-be begging for money to pay the cable tv bill so we can watch the Redskins.
Then too I wonder if young Arthur is bringing his father's policy and practices to the Redskins?
That is a player gets hurt you cut him.Too much of a liability.Too much of a financial drag.Too detrimental to the success of the operation (TEAM).Too whatever,just cut him back to part time-no benefits-no insurance.No,no,put enough pressure on him so he quits.There's plenty of players out there looking for a spot on the team.
Hey wait a minute you can't do that ALL THE PLAYERS ARE UNDER CONTRACT.
Geez dad what am I going to do?

frankiez said...

Just came across this on under the Union/Non-union blog.
Thought it was interesting and worthy of passing along.
The person posting it has not given me permission but I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
A question to ask yourself after reading it.What is your pension going to be and what medical benefits-if any -will you have.
Remember we are all one illness away from being wiped out with our present system.Read on.
I can not help but to answer this one! I have NEVER once regretted paying my union dues. Just to site an example: Yesterdays mail, I recieved a check in the amount of $6,770.00. It was a re-imbursement from my Teamsters medical insurance. My wife had to fly from PA to California for 2 weeks with a medical specialist for a condition called spasmodic dysphonia (their is only a few of these doctors in the world). The bill was $10,000.00, my wife's insurance only paid $500.00. WOW! What a difference! This is only one example. My 2nd child that my wife and I have went through over 3 million dollars in 5 years from an accident. The Teamsters paid up to the capped amount of 2 million dollars. I'll never forget when I was in the finance deptartment of the hospital and the lady said, "OH, you have Teamsters insurance! There the BEST!"
So in conclusion, I will never regret paying union dues, it is the least expensive policy I've ever had. The thing about this is that you really or only appreciate it when you use it. Most people, even Teamsters do not realize what they have until a Disaster strikes. The Teamsters were their for me and my family.
Food for thought isn't it.
Avoid the consequences of being financially devastated from illness or an INADEQUATE PENSION.

frankiez said...

Between the years of 1897 and 1903, approximately half of America's families did not own property. And by 1900, 18 million of the 29 million made an annual wage of around $500, which was below the cost of living for a industrialized family of four, while Andrew Carnegie earned $23 million himself.

Change the name(Carnegie to Smith),the year (1900 to 2009),and adjust the wages for inflation and we're living by 1900 standards,just about.
This info provided by U.S. Department of Labor.